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Renew your .in domains for $11.24

Just across a nice coupon code for GoDaddy which you can use to renew your .in domain names – or transfer them in from another registrar for just $11.24 — but hurry, this code is valid for only 24 hours. The godaddy voucher code actually works on a lot of other extensions and gives you 25% off. Why is this a bit special? Well theres no minimum spend unlike their usual 25% coupons. So if you’ve got a couple of .in (or any other extension) domains that need renewal then consider using this code to renew or transfer in to GoDaddy.

Heres the code: gda525

Indian (.in) domains are usually $14.99 to renew/transfer-in at GoDaddy and the other cheapest registrar for renewals is however the costs at Mitsu can go above $12 considering paypal handling fees.

Stop reading… go use the code 🙂


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Rapid Domain Development Guide!

I came across an interesting article via’s daily digest email – its a site that sells an eProduct – a step by step guide on developing domain names. Nothing new right? Well, that was my thought at first… but after reading into it a bit more I found that the author claims his guide will teach domainers how to develop a site within a day. From getting it build to monetized – and have it generating more revenue (within 60 days) than it would from domain parking companies. On top of this, the author also mentions that all this can be done without any programming skills… ok, sounds interesting.

Step by Step Domain Mini-Site Development Guide

There are plenty of testimonials on the site as well as some sites which were created by clients using the rapid development guide.

As I suspected, all the showcased sites are based on WordPress. Which is not a bad thing.

By the way, the site is called Beyond Domaining – owned by Scott Carde “a domainer who built the system out of frustration from traditional domain parking and falling revenues”.

One of the testimonials claims to have turned a domain which was making less than reg fee per year – to making it earn $10 per month. Not impressed? Well, considering the site was built within a day and left alone, thats not bad at all. If its true, then say you build 10-15 sites a month and leave them all… they make $10 each, thats $100-$150 per month. To me it sounds like it has the potential to be one of those “rinse n repeat” strategies which we all look for but hardly ever find (or can maintain).

Now, the e product is selling at $50 (special offer) at the time of writing – and I’m going to give it a go. I’m guessing it will go over most of the things I already know and use in my development arsenal, but I’m hoping it provides a nice ordered step by step process rather than going over the most obvious stuff in no particular order!

To be honest, this isn’t something I really need – but willing to give it a go so I can write a review for others. Maybe it will help me streamline the way I do things? Who knows…! But it has a 60 money back garuantee, so it gives me that assurance to give it a try.

If anyone has already tried this, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think. And if you’re considering it, why not use the link/banner below and help me earn some affiliate commission.

Step by Step Domain Mini-Site Development Guide

Note: Just because I’ve got an affiliate link to the product does not mean I will be biased in my forthcoming review. I will provide an honest unbiased review, I promise.


Fantastic eBay Deals on Desktop PCs

Searched around on Ebay for some good deals on PC’s for under $300. Target user: General Home Office, basic multimedia (watching movies, listening to music), basic photo editing, internet browsing, games etc.

Its by no means a high-end PC, but it is fast and has a good memory capacity. It is a custom build PC, so not branded – which in most cases means the parts are better than when buying from say DELL! You don’t get the cheapest parts. By it being unbranded means you also save a lot more. If the same PC were to have a SONY or DELL logo on it, it would bump the price up by about $200 at least.

[phpbay]desktop pc, 5, “58058”, “”, “”, “”, “100”, “300”[/phpbay]

Discount Codes

GoDaddy Promo Coupon Codes – Oct 2009

I’ve managed to gather a list of latest discount codes for – domain name registrations only (not hosting). It seems a lot of the coupons work for long periods of time, but of course there’s always new monthly ones which can be more beneficial in terms of the size of discount.

Anyway, here goes… enjoy!
Feel free to share ones that you find by leaving a comment at the end of the post. Also, please let me know if any of the stop working.

GoDaddy Discount Codes for October 2009

Get 15% off (works on .US renewals)

$7.57 .com’s (including ICANN fees)

$7.17 .com registrations

30% OFF for New Registrations and Renewals + Free Privacy

$7.68 Renewals .ORG & .NET

$9.99 .WS Renewals

$6.99 .INFO Renewals

Reduce .ME transfer from $20 to $8.77
Here’s a nice little trick to get a massive discount on transferring .ME domain names to Godaddy. This involves taking advantage of the $1.99 domain special when buying a non-domain product. But don’t worry, you pay $8.77 overall, even with the non-domain product, no catches.

Add .me transfer to shopping cart
Add “contact manager” 2 months ($8 for 2 months)
This gives you the domain for $1.99 + the 8$ for the “contact manager” = $10 total
Use the code “DOWNFORCE” for 15% off and you get the total down to $8.77
This not only saves you more than 50% but also gives you free use of the “contact manager” (whatever that is) for two months. It might not be useful to most, but maybe some of you will find some use for it.

There are loads more codes that work, but these are the ones I used for myself at some point in the past few days – so I know they are (were) working. I’ve never paid full price at GD for anything, there’s always a discount for it – so if you can’t find something in this list, just give the big ol Google a try.

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Windows 7 – Could this be the best OS ever?!

Hey all.

I just want to share my experience with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system – Windows 7. How good (or bad; for the skeptics) is it? Well, I’d read a few blogs during the beta release and it seemed most people were actually quite positive about it. I mean there were a few niggles here and there, but in general and to my surprise… a lot praise was being given to the upcoming OS.

I say I was surprised and that’s because most of the times these blogs hammer any Microsoft product – especially operating systems. However, that isn’t the case this time around – and I can see why.

I’ve been using the Microsoft operating systems at home since “Windows 95” – and I’ve used prior releases at school. I’m not one to care much about the OS or be anxious about release dates – if something works for me, then I’m content and if eventually I get around to upgrading my PC, then at that point I usually decide whether I want the latest version of the OS or not.

Well I have to say, I’ve never truly been impressed with new releases. Vista “looked” like it might be promising – but I couldn’t describe in words just how much I hate it. It is probably the worst OS I have ever used. And I was thinking, perhaps this was one reason why a lot of bloggers found Windows 7 “so good” – because its a big step up from its predecessor.

Download Windows 7 & Install

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks – I got really annoyed with Vista on my laptop and decided to give Windows 7 a try. I downloaded the latest Release Candidate (RC), which is free by the way… you can get it here.

It took almost an hour to download the 3GB iso file. You need to download the file and burn it to a CD – but its a .iso file – so you need to burn it properly – I used Nero. Just double clicked the file and it did the rest.

I inserted the installation CD whilst still in Vista (just to see what’s on the CD). It started an Auto-run screen which gave me the option to test whether my system is compatible and if there would be any issues with software/hardware etc. So I ran the scan . The only thing it said I “might” have an issue with was McAfee AntiVirus. But that’s ok, I wanted to get rid of that anyway. So I rebooted my laptop with the CD inside…

From that point it took about 25 minutes for me to fully install the new Operating System and get online, print a document and start watching a movie! WOW! Now that is amazing. The fastest, smoothest trouble free OS installation EVER!… From formatting my drive a clean install – and 20 mins later I’m online! No need to install hardware drivers, sound cards, wireless cards or graphics cards etc. Everything was done. Seriously, I was pretty shocked.

So far so Good!

Anyway, I’ve only been using it for about 8 hours – so I can’t really give a in-depth review just yet. But so far, the things that have impressed me are:

  • Lightening fast installation
  • All devices detected and installed automatically(sound, graphics, wifi + networking etc)
  • Booting up takes about 6-7 seconds! Compared to 40+ seconds on Vista!
  • Shutting down takes less than 5 seconds!
  • Everything just seems to be lighter and faster
  • So far, no compatibility issues

Over the next few days, I will be testing it out properly. My main concern is with running graphics and web design software – ie. most of the Adobe packages. I don’t really play any games, so that side of it probably won’t get tested much. I’ll do another write-up when I’ve had enough time to mess around.

Here’s a bit of info about Windows 7.

The final release is due out in October 2009. But you can download and try out the RC (release candidate) for FREE! It’s a fully functional evaluation copy and will work until July 2010 – so you get almost a years use out of it for nothing! Pretty good I think.

I got an email from Amazon earlier this week that offers Windows 7 pre-orders for about £80 (Home Edition) and £170 (Pro Edition). I’d personally go for the Home Edition since I don’t need the extra Pro features – and after the experience today, I’m seriously considering placing an order.

Anyone else using Windows 7?

If you’re using any of the beta releases or Release Candidates – I’d love to hear what you think about it so far. Would you recommend it? Would you agree its probably the best OS release from Microsoft (at least since after NT)? Leave a comment, share your views.

Available Domain Names

Available 5L Domain Names – List 2

Looks like the last list of available five letter .com domain names proved to be quite popular… so heres a few more that could do with new homes. These are all brandable and mostly pronounceable names. As usual, please leave a comment to let me know if you register any.


Quite a few of the rare cvcoo type names in there – not the highest of quality, but these do get snapped up pretty fast purely due to their rarity.

Take a look on ebay for some good deals on 5 letter brandable domain names. See list below:

[phpbay]short brand 5 letter, 15[/phpbay]

Domaining Domains For Sale

Pricing a Brandable Domain –

Find out how I come to price for $20,000+ and why that could be seen as a bargain! See my thought-process behind pricing such a domain name and perhaps you could apply something similar to help you price some of your valuable assets.

It’s tough putting a monetary value on domain names in general, but its even more so when the names appeal is based primarily on it’s ability to be a strong brand (“brandability”). This can apply to random five letter domain names such as or other made-up words, but in this article I use a more meaningful type of name which is made up of two real words.

Its Short!

Its quite a short domain name and is very easy to type. It’s not a mouthful to say either, try it. It just rolls of the tongue.

Looks Nice?

Yes! It looks nice.


Just as a plain text font in two colors you can see how great it looks. All the letters actually look nice together.

Domain With Keywords?

“” is not only a brandable domain name but it also contains two words which go very well together. The name refers to a place/location ie. Palm (as in Palm Springs, Palm Beach or Palm resorts in Dubai) and also contains the word Condos (Condomonium) a popular term used describe a property (flat or apartment). People are using these keywords in phrases when they are looking for “Condo’s in Palm Springs” forexample.

So its Short & Brandable and Descriptive?

The two words are very

This domain name would be extremely valuable to real estate companies who deal with buying, selling, renting or developing “condos” within areas that are referred to as “palm” (see examples given above).

Real Estate is obviously a very big industry and a brandable, easy to remember name like this would be very appealing for companies that dealt within those areas.

But how do I put a value on something like this?

In this case, its very helpful to be able ot classify the name to a category .ie a business related industry (Real Estate).  It is also a very specific name because of the word “Palm”. So what I do in this case is look at Real Estate – especially at Condo’s in places as mentioned above (Palm Beach for example). The industry is very strong and the companies that are involved in buying and selling Condos around areas called “Palm” are generally quite wealthy.  But more importantly, I see that they spend large amounts of money on branding, marketing and advertising their existing websites and names (a lot of which are very poor btw).  I look at possible companies that may be interested in such a name and I find quite a few property developers and future developments of large blocks of Condos.

After some reading around the topics I mentioned above, I put a value of around $20,000+ to an end-user.

That might seem like a lot… but think of it this way… if I were looking to buy a condo around Palm Springs or in Dubai and I searched in Google using a search string that contained the keywords “Palm” and “Condos” – if was to come up on the results and I ended up buying a property by being referred by the site – then that’s a potential $200,000 + sale. Just one sale! Even if someone didn’t make a purchase, they would still likely remember the name and return or mention it to a friend.

I see companies spend thousands of dollars on branding and marketing silly names like “” (just an example). They probably spend a lot more than $20k per year. But in most cases, these names are so poor and difficult to remember making the marketing twice as difficult and twice more costly than it should be.

Another thing I did, I looked at a few sales figures of similar (brandable) names. Not exactly for condo’s but within Real Estate – and I saw names of similar or even lesser quality being sold for $30k +

So… there you have it. Not really rocket science – nor nothing new… but that’s how I came up with the price. Thought I’d share it with you 😉

As always, feel free to leave your opinions – what do you think about this name? How much would you put on its head? Leave me a comment below.

Available Domain Names

Available 5L Brandable Domain Names

My 5 Letter .com domain names have been topping the sales for the past 3 months in a row. I’ve sold more 5L domain names than any other type of name – in fact the Month of June saw 16 sales with prices ranging from $30 – $600 each. Might not seem like much, but a lot of these domain names were hand-registered just a few months ago. So they were all profitable sales.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my recent five letter .com domain finds. I’ve created a small list of names which are (were) available to register at the time of posting.

Do let me know if you register anything.

I spend hours daily looking for good names, sifting through thousands of names before I find some worthwhile. The ones I’ve picked out are pronounceable and ones which I’d consider registering for myself.

I don’t ask for fees or donations, these names are there for your taking – but if you appreciate, like or find these lists useful, then please do feel free to mention “” to your friends via your blogs or email.

Available to reigster Domain Names

  • – Nice palindrome
  • – city in Slovakia
  • – Lily is a very popular first name
  • – Nice name for a bookmarking site
  • – Puja is a popular Indian name (also means pray, I think)
  • – Flog is a term used in the UK which means “to get rid of” eg. sell.

There’s still a few in there that I really like, so hurry up and grab the ones you want before I change my mind 😉 besides 5L brandables don’t last long – they’ll get snapped up in no-time!

Best places to register .com Domains + Promo/Discount Coupon Codes: – $9.25 standard $7.75 if you have bulk-buyer account. – $8.99 standard or $7.99 with promo code “ELAMEXE” – $10.99 standard or $6.99 with promo code “goaztk03a”

[phpbay]brand domain name, 5[/phpbay]

Available Domain Names

Available .com Domain Names 25.04.09

Its been almost a month since I posted an available domain names list – just two days shy! So here we go again. This list focuses on mainly brandable keyword domain names which have recently become available (in other words they’ve been taken from expired domains lists). I didn’t spend hours scouring millions of names to come up with these, I won’t lie. However, I did spend a bit of time looking around at various sites (that offer manageable lists) and generating some names using a script. What you see below are the best of the hand-picked names. Enjoy!

The list includes names from the previous list – and also shows names which have been taken already. They do go fast, so don’t wait around. Get clicking!

  1. – hmmm… tube names seem to be in demand, this could be a collection of “dreadful” videos?!
  3. – this definitely has an adult ring to it!
  4. – cool name for a blog / alias
  7. – could be a tatoo site
  8. – cool name for a logo designers portfolio / affiliate shop
  12. – cool name reminds me of “source code” except its the otherway around
  13. – has a few searches, decent keyword
  15. – this would be quite nice for a domainers portfolio
  16. – a recipe site?
  19. – perfect for a designers blog
  21. – like but just for photos?
  22. – forum for bachelors?
  28. – brandable name for a ticket reselling website like
  30. – adult site?
  33. – domain parking for keyword names only?
  34. – something like, directory of scripts?

That’s yer lot! Let me know if you register any or just drop me a comment and tell me what you think of the names.

I’ll also consider taking requests, so if you want to see some “blog” related domain names or whatever really, just let me know…

[phpbay]domains, 10[/phpbay]

Discount Codes

GoDaddy Coupon Codes – April 2009

I’ve found myself searching through good ol Google at least twice this week and probably 4 or 5 times already this month trying to find working coupon codes for GoDaddy. It’s not that GoDaddy is my favourite domain registrar, but they do have good offers on and as a domainer we’re always trying to use companies that will save us a few cents here and there. So anyway, I thought its about time I started collecting these codes and keeping them on my own blog so that 1. I don’t have to keep searching google, and 2. they’ll also prove useful for my readers.  Save some money on your domain registration and renewal fees by using these coupon codes at

GoDaddy Coupon Codes

  • goaorg01a – Renewal of .org domains
  • gdr0317a – Renew .info domains at $6.99
  • WALLET30 – GoDaddy 30% off coupon code
  • cjctld749 – For .net domains

I’ve used all of them above in the last week – they also work when buying domains from TDnam – ie. I used WALLET30 when checking out and instead of paying $5+renewal fee of $10+ I paid just $12.69 in total – savind almost $3. Not bad, especially if you’re a regular buyer at TDnam.

Enjoy… and please share more codes if you know of any (leave a comment).