Available Domain Names

Available .asia domains (List 4)

Only two days since the launch to general public and already its becoming difficult to find any “good” available .asia domains. I’ve spent a few hours looking through a list and trying to find some nice names for you to register… check out the list below (click read more for the real gems).

LIST FOUR: – typo (not huge searches though) – 1,800 daily searches / 36,000 ovt.

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Will .ASIA be a success?

There seems to be a LOT of names being registered since yesterday when the .asia extension was open to all to register. During sunrise and landrush a lot of the best names were taken… but since GoLive yesterday (just over 12 hours ago) it seems hundreds of thousands more domains have been registered.

Whats your views n the dot asia extension?

Available Domain Names

Available .asia domains (List 3)

LIST THREE: (misspelling) (misspelling)

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Available Domain Names

Available .asia domains (List 2)

Before I get to the list… first let me say a few words or warning…. There seems to be a .asia craze taking over the domaining world. Names are getting registered left right and center!… its all good… but please be cautious. I’ve seen some crazy registrations recently. Theres no need to register stuff like or – theres no need at all. Don’t waste your money. Theres still thousands of good names left.

Don’t expect profits for at least two or three years on some of these domains. So consider renewal fees before you go mad on registering huge lists.


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Available Domain Names

Available .asia domains (List 1)

Ok, heres the first of many .asia available domains list. Hope they prove useful. Please post a comment if you register any domains from these lists. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to be kept up-to-date of new lists.

Ps. My username on NamePro’s is “OneTime” so if you register any domains, feel free to give me some rep – thanks.



.ASIA seems to be popular!

I’ve spent in total about 3-4 hours looking at domains to register in the .asia extension. Looks like all the best ones are already gone. Taken up either in pre-registration (sunrise and landrush) periods… or they’ve been reserved for government use etc.

Its amazing just whats already been taken. I tried searching for some obscure terms, two words, three words etc. and to my surprise many had been taken already.


.ASIA GoLive! Today!!

There have been a lot of people waiting for this… the dot asia domain extensions are available to everyone to register from 26th March 2008 @ 12pm GMT. Get ready to register some gems – its first come first serve… so don’t miss out.

GoDaddy will be doing registrations for $19.99 will do them for $15.00

There are other registrars, but these are the only two I’ve looked at. I’ll report which is better later.

Reviews Services

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Cheap Reseller Web Hosting

I recently acquired a rather long domain name, more than 10 letters in length. I normally steer clear of domains like this – I hate long domain names. However, I thought I’d try something new. This one had a lot of google results and high overture (people searching for it).

The domain in question is – Cheap Reseller Web Hosting

I’ve had it parked at Sedo for the past few days and its got around 10 hits so far. Not great but I’m going to develop and see how it does with some google advertising and some affiliate links. I’ll keep you all posted on this one. A little experiment heheehehe *(evil laugh)*


Exclusive NamePro’s Auction – 22nd March 08

Bfluid, aka. Ty Mair has organised the first live public auction. The auction will be taking place on the 22nd March 2008 at 3PM EST (GMT-5). It will be conducted in the NamePros chatroom and is expected to take around 3 hours to complete.

Over 80 lots of LLLL names are set to go under the hammer this Easter Saturday so make sure you’re there.

The “ Exclusive Live Auction” is final. It will be held on March 22nd at 3PM EST (GMT-5).

For listings: .

This auction will be conducted in the Namepros Chatroom.