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What is a “Domain Name”?

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This may seem a bit weird popping up in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ but believe it or not… even in the year 2008 – some people still do ask this question. What’s even more mind boggling is how to give the answer without confusing that same person.

Well, I’ll do my best here to not confuse anyone. I’ll assume the reader at least knows what the Internet is.

A domain name is the address which is used to identify a resource on the Internet. A domain is unique, that there is no two such domain names that can exist at the same time with the same extension.

Domain names are used to access websites/resources on the world wide web. Below is an example of a domain name:

The above is referred to as a ‘web address’ or ‘url’ – but if you remove the parts in black, you are left with what is generally called a ‘domain name’. So the domain name in the above address is “”

The part in orange, the “.com” at the end – is the ‘domain extension’. Also referred to as the ‘tld’ (top level domain). The Dot Com is the most widely recognised domain extension, however there are hundreds of other extensions which are mainly top level domain extensions for particular countries. An example of this is (United Kingdom) or .in (India).

Ok, I gave it my best shot. Hopefully that is clear enough to understand for someone who has never heard of the terminology ‘domain name’.

I know its not the best explination, so I’d love to see you give it a shot. Whoever can best describe what a “domain name” is (in the simplest way possible) – I will add your comment into this post with a reference to your site.

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