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What is Domain Tasting?

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“Domain tasting” is the practice where ‘domainers’ or ‘domain registrars’ make use of the five-day ‘grace period’ to decide whether to keep the newly registered domain or to delete it and get a full refund (minus ICANN fees).

It is possible to register a domain name to test the marketability or to see if it gets traffic via ‘domain parking’. The domain can be kept or can be deleted within a five-day period and the registrar will issue a full refund (minus any ICANN fees, usually around $0.20 per name).

Although the ‘grace period’ is usually five-days, this can vary depending on the registrar. for example allows five-days, whereas allows four.

The delete function is not always visible to users in the registrars control panel. In most cases a delete request must be sent via email – and must be sent within good time to reach the registrar and for it to be executed in time before the five-day period expires. (domain registrar) has a delete function within the user control panel. You are able to delete the domain and if its within the grace period then you will get a refund within minutes.

‘Domain Tasting’ is perfectly legal, however there have been several reports of abuse using the practice. This is called ‘Domain Kiting’ – where users register domains, then within five days they delete it – only to re-register it within seconds and continue the process to avoid paying for the full registration. This lead to ICANN introducing the deletion fees as mentioned.

See ‘Domain Kiting’ for more information.

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