.ASIA seems to be popular!

I’ve spent in total about 3-4 hours looking at domains to register in the .asia extension. Looks like all the best ones are already gone. Taken up either in pre-registration (sunrise and landrush) periods… or they’ve been reserved for government use etc.

Its amazing just whats already been taken. I tried searching for some obscure terms, two words, three words etc. and to my surprise many had been taken already.

I’ve also been told domains have been all taken up. I’m not sure if this is true. Theres a possibility that they could have been reserved. But if they truly have been registered already then thats something amazing!

Anyway, I”ve registered a few:

Nothing great… but I like them (for now) they have a lot of overture/keyword searches per day – so thought I’d go with them.

I’ll be posting up some available dot asia domains list so keep an eye out.

Good luck to everyone btw. hope .asia takes off big time


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