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Available Indian Domains 20.03.09

If you missed out on getting some quality (3 letter Indian Domains) before the buyout occurred just over a year ago.. then here’s your chance. The buyout lasted the year and a lot of domains have dropped as expected – but they’re getting picked up real quick, especially with current promotional offers from registrars like (around $4 per new registration). I’ve listed my pick of the best from the current drop list – these names are now available to hand-register.

A lot of quality names in there including double premiums and good semi-premiums. At $4 a pop… you can’t really go wrong. When (not IF) the buyout occurs again, these same names will easily jump in price. During the first buyout, similar names were sold off for between $15-$30 and more in some cases. So as I said, when it occurs again – you’ll be looking at some good return on investments.

  1. – double premium with one low quality letter
  3. – triple semi-premium domain, no bad letters
  4. – triple semi-premium domain, no bad letters
  5. – double semi plus single premium letter
  6. – double premium with one low quality letter
  7. – excellence through quality
  9. – double premium with one low quality letter
  11. – buy quality routers
  12. – buy quality electronics
  13. – financial news journal
  14. – premium plus two semi premium letters (electronics, games & videos)
  15. – pronounceable cvc with double premium letters

These names were available at the time of posting. They might be around for long though.

Normally it costs $14 to register .in domains, however there are currently a lot of registrars doing promotions… so take advantage of that.

Register them at for just under $4 (however, currency at mitsu is in Indian Rupees, so you’ll have to work out how much it is manually).

You can also register .in domains at most Directi Resellers for around $5 – $6

You can also register them at for $9.99

Please remember to post / leave a comment with any names that you register from this list. I’ll publish another list this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled.

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