NamePros Live Auction – 19th June

I haven’t had any great luck with the live auction yet. Mainly because I’m usually out when the auction starts and only twice made it back home in time before it ended (but by then I missed the best part).

Since the Live Auctions started, I’ve submitted at least one lot of names at every auction. The first 2 times they did quite well. I sold a batch of’s at twice the price I was expecting. However, the past few auctions haven’t been as good.


I remember a few weeks ago I put 5 names and set a reserve of just $50. I was expecting the lot to fetch upwards of $100, but it didn’t even make the reserve! Since then, I’ve sold 3 out of the 5 of those domains for more than $40 each.

I guess its a matter of luck combined with what other domains are at auction at the same time. I’ve noticed my lots have always come right towards the end of the auction. By which time most people have spent their budgets, left the auction or just fallen asleep at their desk considering its quite late in the evening.

Anyway, I’m giving it another shot. I’ve put a bunch of names up for auction: – Great keywords!! – Highly searched and high paying keywords. – Gets 2-3 unique visitors per day 8-10 clicks per month.

Click here to view the auction or to bid

The domains have already passed the reserve price, but no way near what I was expecting even at pre-bidding stage.

I sold just a few days ago for $45, plus for (i think) $25. Yet ALL five of those names above aren’t attracting more than $25 in total! Strange.

Someones going to get a really good deal if it stays like this.

Anyway, will report back on that soon.

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