Logitech Dinovo Edge Keyboard Review

I’ve finally got myself a new keyboard, an upgrade from my Logitech Dinovo which I’ve had for over three years. I’m quite picky when it comes to keyboards and mice, afterall I spend a lot of time at my computer and I care very much about comfort.

The Dinovo keyboard and mice I had for the last few years have served me very well. I paid over £120 for the set, admittedly a high price… but it was well worth it.

When it came to upgrading, I didn’t look further than the Logitech brand that has served me so well over the years. A few months ago I bought the Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse for about £50. I’m very happy with this as well. I love the way it looks, it feels great and has plenty of functions and customizable keys making it perfect for assigning shortcuts for Photoshot / Dreamweaver etc.

Anyway, I won’t go too much into the mouse, because this is all about the Dinovo Edge.

I compared quite a few brands and nothing comes close to this. I’ve only had it for a day and I’m very impressed! It looks absolutely stunning. It cost under £90 from Amazon, yes quite expensive, but I know I won’t regret it. Judging by the extensive use from my previous Logitech Keyboard and how well it has served me, I know this one will even better.

I guess I should have waited a bit longer before writing this review – because to be honest I’m still in that “excited with the new toy” mode – so it’ll be quite biased. So here’s the deal, I’ll finish writing this review in a few days – but now – heres a few snippets from what other people are saying about this keyboard:

S. M. Johnson (Bradford UK) logitech are renowned for their innovations in hardware design, i myself own a number of their products and have never had any problems. although this is an incredible thin keyboard (approx 1cm) it is in no way flimsy, there is literally no bend in it at all, but still it isn’t heavy.

Mr. Rds Harley “Robin” (UK) I have seen reviews of this keyboard that bemoan it’s lack of a numeric keypad and mark it down as a result, but that’s missing the point. It’s like buying a Ferrari and then complaining that it only has two seats! Anyone who buys this would (should) know it doesn’t sport those extra keys, so if having them is a necessity then look elsewhere but don’t knock the Edge for not having them.

R. Knight I’ve used a whole range of keyboards in the past (from cheap and cheerful PCWorld specials, up to top of the range Logitech and Microsoft “professional” ones), and this is by far and away the most stylish piece of kit I’ve owned. The battery life is exceptional, and the build quality is up there with the best.

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