How good is the new Firefox 3 browser?

I’ve only upgraded from Firefox 2 just over 6 hours ago… but it took me less than 6 minutes to notice just how fast it is. Version 3 was just released 2 days ago, on the 17th June 2008 – unfortunately I’ve been a bit too busy to download it on release.

Anyway, so… yes… this is fast. It feels much lighter than the previous version. So much so, that I’m getting into conspiracy theory mode! I’m thinking the guys behind Firefox sent signals to my version 2 browser a few days before releasing version 3. These signals slowed down my version 2… and now I’m version 3 it seems even faster than it probably is!!!!

Ok ok… enough of that.

I really like the new look. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just like the “lightness” of version 3. All my regular visited sites (NamePros,, MiniNova etc.) load really really fast. When I scroll up and down it just seems light. Before it used to seem like my processor is under stress if I scrolled a graphics intensive page too fast. Not the case anymore.

Even myspace pages seem fine.

SO… its all good. I like it. Yeah yeah.. I know this ain’t exactly a super technical nerdy review… I’m not good at those anyway. There you have it. I like it. Simple.