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Available .com Domain Names 27.03.09

Back by popular demand!!!… well actually not… this is the first of its kind – available .com domain names list. I did have a few readers request that I post up some available / expired .com domains list along with the usual other lists – so here it is. I’d love to hear some feedback, tell me whether I should create these lists for you – or maybe my picks are totally worthless – in which case I’ll just stop here.

This first list consists of 20 recently dropped (expired and available to register) domain names. A nice mix of brandable domains and some keywords.

  1. – what a way to start huh! lol… this would be quite nice for a domainers portfolio
  2. – a recipe site?
  5. – perfect for a designers blog
  7. – like but just for photos?
  8. – forum for bachelors?
  14. – brandable name for a ticket reselling website like
  16. – adult site?
  19. – domain parking for keyword names only?
  20. – something like, directory of scripts?

That’s yer lot! Let me know if you register any, or just drop me a comment and tell me what you think of the names. I’ll also consider taking requests, so if you want to see some “blog” related domain names, let me know…

Next list: April 1st 2009.

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