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Available Indian Domains 29.03.09

Nine days since the last scan and despite tons of names dropping in between, it would appear that the best ones – especially ones that don’t contain ‘anti-premium letters’ are taken up pretty fast. Not surpising really, $4 per registration during the promotion for fantastic investments – you can’t go wrong! So here’s the latest installment of available domains – this time I’ve compiled a list containing only pronounceable CVC (consonant vowel consonant) domains only.

The last list turned out to be quite helpful and most of the names from it have already been registered… so don’t wait around too long, its only $4 per registration, these won’t last forever at this rate!

All names were available at the time of writing, last checked at 16:30 on 29th March 2009 (GMT).

update: 15 out of 34 names already taken! they’re going fast!

  2. taken
  3. taken
  6. taken
  8. taken
  13. taken
  16. taken
  17. taken
  19. taken
  20. taken
  22. taken
  28. taken
  30. taken
  33. taken
  34. taken

There are probably a few more that I missed during scan – but either because I omitted names that contained “UH” endings or similar difficult to pronounce letter combinations. Anyway, these are pretty rare – some contain double ‘premium letters’ (marked as bold) and in most cases also contain an anti premium letter. However, with cvc type names (non-meaningful ones) its more about the vanity / brandability rather than use as acronyms. If they can be used for both then thats an added bonus.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you decide to register something… that way I can tick it off the list and keep track of things and help others save some time.

Happy investing 😉

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6 replies on “Available Indian Domains 29.03.09”

Thanks so much for the info. Take all the bolded off, they were gone already.

Now take off:,,,, & I snagged these this am.

Hi TLuv, thanks for the comment and letting me know about the reg’d names. I’ve updated the list… 15 out of 34 already taken. They’re not hanging around are they! lol… don’t miss out people, we’ve probably seen the peak of drops now – the availables are getting taken up real fast now.

Not all, there are once again a hundred – thousand available domains for hand-registration. On average about 5 drop each day. Anything with 2 or 3 premium letters get snapped up within seconds.

Price of with anti-premium letters are very low at the moment… (reseller market) around $5-$20

However, the premium’s are holding their price well. All premiums are still going for between $70 – $150 on average. A lot of end-user sales are also going unreported, I know this, because I’ve sold two for $500 and $800 each but was asked by the buyers not to reveal them.

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