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Sale: gets a few visits and is generating revenue from clicks whilst being parked at Sedo. I’ve added the domain to my domains portfolio – if you’re interested you can either make me an offer via the portfolio or via Sedo – which ever you prefer.

The domain has been parked at Sedo since the end of May 2008… Counting from June 2008 the domain has received 80 unique views and 17 clicks – totaling just over €6 (euros) in revenue.

Not a huge deal in terms of traffic and revenue – but keep in mind the domain has not been optimized and has only been parked (never developed as far as I know).

Therefore it would have to be assumed that the visitors are coming from pure type-in traffic.

Furthermore, they are actually clicking on related adverts, proven by the good click-through ratio.

Also, the payout from each click has been very good in most cases. Highest being around $2 from one click.

Possible uses

You could buy the domain and develop it into a website about Adwords – a blog/information center about how to make use of adwords. Basically a traffic/promotions website.

Considering the high paying clicks just from parking, you could be getting at least double that amouth using adsense or yahoo ypn – not to mention affiliate links and private advertising.


I’m not looking for a big sale on this, just a quick one.

Taking offers from $75+

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Thanks for looking.

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