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Pricing a Brandable Domain –

Find out how I come to price for $20,000+ and why that could be seen as a bargain! See my thought-process behind pricing such a domain name and perhaps you could apply something similar to help you price some of your valuable assets.

It’s tough putting a monetary value on domain names in general, but its even more so when the names appeal is based primarily on it’s ability to be a strong brand (“brandability”). This can apply to random five letter domain names such as or other made-up words, but in this article I use a more meaningful type of name which is made up of two real words.

Its Short!

Its quite a short domain name and is very easy to type. It’s not a mouthful to say either, try it. It just rolls of the tongue.

Looks Nice?

Yes! It looks nice.


Just as a plain text font in two colors you can see how great it looks. All the letters actually look nice together.

Domain With Keywords?

“” is not only a brandable domain name but it also contains two words which go very well together. The name refers to a place/location ie. Palm (as in Palm Springs, Palm Beach or Palm resorts in Dubai) and also contains the word Condos (Condomonium) a popular term used describe a property (flat or apartment). People are using these keywords in phrases when they are looking for “Condo’s in Palm Springs” forexample.

So its Short & Brandable and Descriptive?

The two words are very

This domain name would be extremely valuable to real estate companies who deal with buying, selling, renting or developing “condos” within areas that are referred to as “palm” (see examples given above).

Real Estate is obviously a very big industry and a brandable, easy to remember name like this would be very appealing for companies that dealt within those areas.

But how do I put a value on something like this?

In this case, its very helpful to be able ot classify the name to a category .ie a business related industry (Real Estate).  It is also a very specific name because of the word “Palm”. So what I do in this case is look at Real Estate – especially at Condo’s in places as mentioned above (Palm Beach for example). The industry is very strong and the companies that are involved in buying and selling Condos around areas called “Palm” are generally quite wealthy.  But more importantly, I see that they spend large amounts of money on branding, marketing and advertising their existing websites and names (a lot of which are very poor btw).  I look at possible companies that may be interested in such a name and I find quite a few property developers and future developments of large blocks of Condos.

After some reading around the topics I mentioned above, I put a value of around $20,000+ to an end-user.

That might seem like a lot… but think of it this way… if I were looking to buy a condo around Palm Springs or in Dubai and I searched in Google using a search string that contained the keywords “Palm” and “Condos” – if was to come up on the results and I ended up buying a property by being referred by the site – then that’s a potential $200,000 + sale. Just one sale! Even if someone didn’t make a purchase, they would still likely remember the name and return or mention it to a friend.

I see companies spend thousands of dollars on branding and marketing silly names like “” (just an example). They probably spend a lot more than $20k per year. But in most cases, these names are so poor and difficult to remember making the marketing twice as difficult and twice more costly than it should be.

Another thing I did, I looked at a few sales figures of similar (brandable) names. Not exactly for condo’s but within Real Estate – and I saw names of similar or even lesser quality being sold for $30k +

So… there you have it. Not really rocket science – nor nothing new… but that’s how I came up with the price. Thought I’d share it with you 😉

As always, feel free to leave your opinions – what do you think about this name? How much would you put on its head? Leave me a comment below.

Domains For Sale Sites for Sale

Sale: Affilate Site (CMS) + MySpace

I made this site almost a year ago, the intention was to use it to release coupons and special offers via the site. The web site is made using Joomla Content Management System. It has everything in place and is ready to go. I’ve done very little to none in terms of promotion. The site has been neglected and needs a new owner ASAP!

This is what’s including in this sale:

  • Fully developed website
  • Content Management System (easily add, edit content via secure admin panel)
  • Integrated Adsense & Affiliate Banner Modules (just add your own ID’s)
  • Domain name (
  • All content including logo’s and images (PSD files)
  • Fully customised myspace profile (used for promoting the site)
  • Free hosting for 1 year.
  • Create up to 50 email address
  • Create up to 50 sub directories
  • Park up to 10 Domains

The website is built to be used as an affiliate marketing tool. You can easily promote affiliate products. Alternatively you can also use the site as a blog. The choice is yours.

Having a CMS means you can easily add pages/content to the site via a secure admin panel. You can also control advertising by copy and pasting links/images to the built-in banner modules. There is also a Google Adsense module allowing you to easily display adsense throughout the site – easily change how the ads look by adjusting values in the module. So can control how and where the ads appear by just editting value in the module.

The site is now for sale at a BUY IT NOW price of just $275.

Alternatively you can make me an offer – I will sell the domain to the person who makes me the highest offer closest to the Buy It Now price.

‘Contact me – to make an offer.


Domains For Sale

Sale: – 5L Brandable is a rare 5 letter short brandable domain name. It consists of a dictionary word followed by a “z” making it extremely brandable. The domain name comes with a pre-made logo which will be provided for FREE in various formats (JPG/PNG and ‘PSD files). is registered at GoDaddy and has plenty of registration time remaining (expires on 30th May 2009).

Comes with a FREE logo (PSD)

As mentioned above, the domain name will come with free logo. The logo will be provided in various formats including a ‘PSD file – meaning it can be modified/customised to your needs. You can see the sample logo below: Free PSD Logo

Short (5 letter) Domain Name

The domain name consists of just five letters. Finding domains like this to register by hand is almost impossible. All the good and even half decent five letter domain names have already been registered, making this a rare find.

Perfect for Web 2.0

Short brandable domain names are perfect for ‘web 2.0 web sites. They easy to remember, easy to type and can easily be branded. Having the word “Army” in there also makes this name stand out and create great development possibilities.

Example ideas/suggestions for the Domain

You may already have ideas for this domain name but here are just a few right off the top of my head…

  • Social Networking Site – turn it into the next big social networking site. What about a cool slogan like “Create your armyz at”. Armyz can be what you call groups, people join and become part of groups or “Armyz”.
  • Online RPG / Gaming site – Great for either a text based or flash based game site. “Create an account, train your soldiers and go to battle with your armyz!”
  • Name of a Record Label – Again this will easy fit as the name of a record label… especially for a Drum and Bass record label. In fact…
  • Artist Management / Booking Agency – For managing or booking artists. This would be a great name for a booking agency, especially with Drum and Bass considering the “army / jungle / soldier” theme. “Join the Armyz Booking Agency”.

Thats just a few quick ideas, but put your thinking cap on you’ll surely come up with hundreds of better ones than I have. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


I have yet to set a solid price for this so I’m willing to listen to reasonable offers. You can make an offer via or using my ‘Domain Portfolio right here on

Domains For Sale

Sale: gets a few visits and is generating revenue from clicks whilst being parked at Sedo. I’ve added the domain to my domains portfolio – if you’re interested you can either make me an offer via the portfolio or via Sedo – which ever you prefer.

The domain has been parked at Sedo since the end of May 2008… Counting from June 2008 the domain has received 80 unique views and 17 clicks – totaling just over €6 (euros) in revenue.

Not a huge deal in terms of traffic and revenue – but keep in mind the domain has not been optimized and has only been parked (never developed as far as I know).

Therefore it would have to be assumed that the visitors are coming from pure type-in traffic.

Furthermore, they are actually clicking on related adverts, proven by the good click-through ratio.

Also, the payout from each click has been very good in most cases. Highest being around $2 from one click.

Possible uses

You could buy the domain and develop it into a website about Adwords – a blog/information center about how to make use of adwords. Basically a traffic/promotions website.

Considering the high paying clicks just from parking, you could be getting at least double that amouth using adsense or yahoo ypn – not to mention affiliate links and private advertising.


I’m not looking for a big sale on this, just a quick one.

Taking offers from $75+

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Thanks for looking.

Domains For Sale Sites for Sale

Sale: (Seo Website) is a great domain name alone. It is a five letter short domain name – easily brandable and contains “seo” – a highly paid keyword in terms of advertising and revenue via Adsense and other similar programs. But thats not all you’re getting here… is a developed site that comes with a custom made logo/header that will be provided in a PSD file – allowing you edit / ammend it as you wish.

The site is currently in basic html pages but will be provided to you as CMS (WordPress) site. You will be able to add / edit content with extreme ease. The WordPress site will allow you to access all admin features via a secure adminitration panel – just login and make changes… no need to have any html or coding skills.

As I said before, the domain alone should be worth the value of this sale.

‘Contact me – to make an offer.

More info to follow.