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Sale: Affilate Site (CMS) + MySpace

I made this site almost a year ago, the intention was to use it to release coupons and special offers via the site. The web site is made using Joomla Content Management System. It has everything in place and is ready to go. I’ve done very little to none in terms of promotion. The site has been neglected and needs a new owner ASAP!

This is what’s including in this sale:

  • Fully developed website
  • Content Management System (easily add, edit content via secure admin panel)
  • Integrated Adsense & Affiliate Banner Modules (just add your own ID’s)
  • Domain name (
  • All content including logo’s and images (PSD files)
  • Fully customised myspace profile (used for promoting the site)
  • Free hosting for 1 year.
  • Create up to 50 email address
  • Create up to 50 sub directories
  • Park up to 10 Domains

The website is built to be used as an affiliate marketing tool. You can easily promote affiliate products. Alternatively you can also use the site as a blog. The choice is yours.

Having a CMS means you can easily add pages/content to the site via a secure admin panel. You can also control advertising by copy and pasting links/images to the built-in banner modules. There is also a Google Adsense module allowing you to easily display adsense throughout the site – easily change how the ads look by adjusting values in the module. So can control how and where the ads appear by just editting value in the module.

The site is now for sale at a BUY IT NOW price of just $275.

Alternatively you can make me an offer – I will sell the domain to the person who makes me the highest offer closest to the Buy It Now price.

‘Contact me – to make an offer.


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i am looking for someone to jointly develop a WordPress site which can be monitized on a sharing basis. i can put a small amount of money into the site but need a partner who can do the tech work.

one more nice topic in your blog and nice comments too keep it up, If you advise some more related links to topic. I’m very interested in CMS and all its related subjects.

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