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Rapid Domain Development Guide!

I came across an interesting article via’s daily digest email – its a site that sells an eProduct – a step by step guide on developing domain names. Nothing new right? Well, that was my thought at first… but after reading into it a bit more I found that the author claims his guide will teach domainers how to develop a site within a day. From getting it build to monetized – and have it generating more revenue (within 60 days) than it would from domain parking companies. On top of this, the author also mentions that all this can be done without any programming skills… ok, sounds interesting.

Step by Step Domain Mini-Site Development Guide

There are plenty of testimonials on the site as well as some sites which were created by clients using the rapid development guide.

As I suspected, all the showcased sites are based on WordPress. Which is not a bad thing.

By the way, the site is called Beyond Domaining – owned by Scott Carde “a domainer who built the system out of frustration from traditional domain parking and falling revenues”.

One of the testimonials claims to have turned a domain which was making less than reg fee per year – to making it earn $10 per month. Not impressed? Well, considering the site was built within a day and left alone, thats not bad at all. If its true, then say you build 10-15 sites a month and leave them all… they make $10 each, thats $100-$150 per month. To me it sounds like it has the potential to be one of those “rinse n repeat” strategies which we all look for but hardly ever find (or can maintain).

Now, the e product is selling at $50 (special offer) at the time of writing – and I’m going to give it a go. I’m guessing it will go over most of the things I already know and use in my development arsenal, but I’m hoping it provides a nice ordered step by step process rather than going over the most obvious stuff in no particular order!

To be honest, this isn’t something I really need – but willing to give it a go so I can write a review for others. Maybe it will help me streamline the way I do things? Who knows…! But it has a 60 money back garuantee, so it gives me that assurance to give it a try.

If anyone has already tried this, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think. And if you’re considering it, why not use the link/banner below and help me earn some affiliate commission.

Step by Step Domain Mini-Site Development Guide

Note: Just because I’ve got an affiliate link to the product does not mean I will be biased in my forthcoming review. I will provide an honest unbiased review, I promise.

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Make a Site in 30minutes + Free Hosting

Many of you are put off from building websites because you don’t want to commit to paying web hosting fees without a guarantee that your site will generate enough money to pay for the hosting. But worry not… I’ve found a great solution… free web hosting – with no adverts or banners from the hosting company. Perfect!

Parking doesn’t pay enough?

I see a lot of people on domain forums looking for ways to monetize their domain names – parking them is one option but unless you have keyword rich domains you’re probably not going to make more than $0.15 per click. Besides getting traffic in the first place to generate those clicks is hard enough considering you can’t even promote your domains once its parked (against most parking companies terms and conditions).

The other option is to develop your domain names into websites…

Make a quick simple website instead

When I say develop your domain into a site – don’t worry, I don’t mean a full blown website… you can build a quick mini-site even a one page website! It doesn’t have to look amazing, just some decent content and you’ll already be better off than parking.

Parking vs Building a Quick Site

Parking a domain name means you can no longer promote it or advertise it anywhere! (except parking with Its against most parking companies terms and conditions to promote a domain name in anyway once it has been parked. So you’re relying on type-in traffic alone.

Now, that’s fine if you’ve got a keyword rich domain like “” because its a search term… people search it and could end up on that domain. But what if you’ve got a domain name like “” – a great brandable domain but no ones going to search for “ultra specs”. So then you’re buggered if you park something like that. You’ll get little to no traffic and probably not a single click.

But if you turn that into a one page website… fill it with loads of content about specs (vision/glasses etc) add some google adsense and/or some affiliate links – submit it to a few search engines and directories… and bam… you’ve traffic and will more likely get some revenue – plus if you decide to sell the domain you can get more because it will have traffic.

Put off by hosting fees? Don’t be… get it FREE!

This is one of the major stumbling blocks for people when it comes to site building. A lot of people are put off by the thought of having to pay like $10 a month for hosting without knowing if the site will generate enough money to even pay for the hosting!

Free Web Hosting with Website Builder

But don’t worry… you don’t need to pay to get hosting! Theres loads of free hosting providers out there – the best one by far is 000webhost – they provide 250MB storage space and 100,000MB bandwidth – AND theres no branding or annoying adverts like most other free providers.

Click the banner below to get yourself a free account…

Another great thing is… it comes with a WEBSITE BUILDER – so its easy to build a quick site.

Build a site in Under 30 minutes

It will take you about 30 Minutes… probably not even half that once you’ve done one or two first and gotten used the process. Don’t be scared… I know it can seem daunting even thinking about building a site – but it really is quite simple.

Free Web Hosting with Website Builder

Here’s the process, maybe if you see this you’ll have a little less fear…

Step 1. Prepare all your tools, download a demo copy of Dreamweaver or a free wysiwyg editor if you don’t have something simiar already. No need to download any website editors, because the free hosting company above gives you all the tools you need to make your site.

Step 2. Find some content for your domain, if the domain name is about “travel” then do a search in google, use some info from WikiPedia, find some free pictures on somewhere like

Step 3. Copy all the content you find into one document (maybe into word or dreamweaver etc. – you’re going to do this so you have everything in one place. Use this content to write your own content. Don’t copy it, write it in your own words where you can and if you do copy something, make sure you include a list of sources at the end of the content. – This step will probably take you the most time, but the more unique the content you produce the more chance of getting better traffic from search engines.

Step 4. Add some google adsense codes into the page, maybe a few affiliate links

Step 5. And thats it really, just save everything in the site builder and visit your url… there you have it… a quick one page website… go and promote it.. do some link exchanges with friends or on forums… submit it to some free web directories and you’ll see traffic soon enough.

Simple or what!

Well, I’ve laid out the basic steps – just so you see how simple it is… if its your first time, then it might take a little more than 30 minutes, but after the first and maybe 2nd site you build… you’ll be able to do it in under 30 minutes with no problems at all.

I know this is a really simple outline… I know you want more… so next time I’ll write about where to get free content, list free article directories, how to link exchanges and site submissions etc… but for now, just get used to your new FREE hosting account and make a site just to get used to all the “site builder” features at the free host.

Let me know what you think!

Feel free to ask questions… maybe make some of your own suggestions… use the comment box below.

Free Web Hosting with Website Builder