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Rapid Domain Development Guide!

I came across an interesting article via’s daily digest email – its a site that sells an eProduct – a step by step guide on developing domain names. Nothing new right? Well, that was my thought at first… but after reading into it a bit more I found that the author claims his guide will teach domainers how to develop a site within a day. From getting it build to monetized – and have it generating more revenue (within 60 days) than it would from domain parking companies. On top of this, the author also mentions that all this can be done without any programming skills… ok, sounds interesting.

Step by Step Domain Mini-Site Development Guide

There are plenty of testimonials on the site as well as some sites which were created by clients using the rapid development guide.

As I suspected, all the showcased sites are based on WordPress. Which is not a bad thing.

By the way, the site is called Beyond Domaining – owned by Scott Carde “a domainer who built the system out of frustration from traditional domain parking and falling revenues”.

One of the testimonials claims to have turned a domain which was making less than reg fee per year – to making it earn $10 per month. Not impressed? Well, considering the site was built within a day and left alone, thats not bad at all. If its true, then say you build 10-15 sites a month and leave them all… they make $10 each, thats $100-$150 per month. To me it sounds like it has the potential to be one of those “rinse n repeat” strategies which we all look for but hardly ever find (or can maintain).

Now, the e product is selling at $50 (special offer) at the time of writing – and I’m going to give it a go. I’m guessing it will go over most of the things I already know and use in my development arsenal, but I’m hoping it provides a nice ordered step by step process rather than going over the most obvious stuff in no particular order!

To be honest, this isn’t something I really need – but willing to give it a go so I can write a review for others. Maybe it will help me streamline the way I do things? Who knows…! But it has a 60 money back garuantee, so it gives me that assurance to give it a try.

If anyone has already tried this, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think. And if you’re considering it, why not use the link/banner below and help me earn some affiliate commission.

Step by Step Domain Mini-Site Development Guide

Note: Just because I’ve got an affiliate link to the product does not mean I will be biased in my forthcoming review. I will provide an honest unbiased review, I promise.

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Domainers Tools – Keyword Research & Insights

These tools are extremely important in helping to find out how valuable a domain name is. Keyword research can give you a rough idea of how often a particular phrase is searched for at the top search engines. The Google keyword tool is one of my favorites, it tells you how strong the advertising competition is for a particular keyword or phrase – plus you can check the popularity of a keyword based on a language or a specific country… very useful for ccTlds.

You shouldn’t register or buy a domain name based on just one particular tool – you need to research a little further. The Google tool for example only provides data based on searches done via Google – it doesn’t take into account other search engines – ie. Yahoo or MSN Live.  Using a number of keyword research tools can help you get a better idea of the overall searches & the market.

The Google Insights tool is very powerful. I’ve probably only uncovered 10% of its uses so far. It can look a bit daunting and complicated to use – but take a look at this guide to help you understand it better : How to Use Google Insights

KeywordSpy is somewhat underrated. If used together with google keyword tool it can help you get a lot of information on how popular and valuable a particular search term might be. I use these tools not only for finding domain names but also for SEO and even for deciding which keywords to use for parking.

These tools can help you find out what keywords are helping to rank a particular site in search engines… what people search for and where they are located. For example the word “Condo” is searched for more in the USA than it is in Europe, if you had a domain name with that keyword ( for example) you could save time by targeting your sales to the US market (and anywhere else that they use the word) rather than wasting time trying to sell it to someone in a country where they don’t use that word much. Information like this can help you decide not only whether to register a particular keyword ccTld domain, but also give you some idea of keywords to use when parking or developing the site.

Make Money Web Development

Web Designers and Developers in Demand

Web designers and developers are probably more in demand now than ever before, especially with the questionable economy. Personally, I think this is just the start. I’ve been developing web sites for over  10 years, mainly for myself, but over the last two years I’ve been taking on clients and I’ve never before had the kind of demand I’m seeing now.

During 2007, in the space of 3 months I had 2 clients. In 2008 I had 9 clients. Of course none of the projects were ever the same size or shape, but they were what I would consider small to medium size projects… sites that I’d charge between $1000 – $4000 each. Sites which were developed using ready-made open source systems such as Joomla or WordPress and using scripts such as PHP Link Directory.

Expanding my Own Business

In September 2008 I partnered with a developer and as well as working on a large domaining project, together we’ve built our own CMS and a number of custom made scripts.  We worked for several months as two separate companies but at the begining of 2009 we decided to merge and create one web design and development company called OpenCreate (at the time of writing, we’re updating the site so excuse the lack of functionality on there).

Increasing in Demand in 2009

We’re now only three months into 2009 and already we have 5 new clients on our list. We’d consider all of these to be high-end clients with large projects – $5000+

Of course this has a lot to do with our own improving portfolio and word-of-mouth promotion that has brought in new clients, but I believe the current economy also had a part to play. With so much uncertainty, the constant doom and gloom talk of failed financial systems around the world and probably being in midst of a recession – people are searching for alternative ways to make money. It’s not surprising that they are looking to start online businesses or to improve existing online presence.

It’s not only that we’ve got 5 new clients in the space of 3 months, we’ve had a lot of inquiries for small projects too – things we’ve had to turn down in order to put more effort into larger projects. We’ve also come across more people who are interested in what we do and wanting to know how they can benefit from being online.

A little Case Study

Take for example Clive, I met him for the first time in 2008 through a client. He’d been working at an events company, on a good regular salary and with hardly any interest in having a website or starting an online business. I remember him slightly mocking his friend for whom I’d just finished making a site. Now fast forward 12 months and I get a call from him asking if I’m still in the design business. We meet up for lunch and I’m surprised to find out how much his knowledge of “online business and marketing” has improved. He tells me he lost his job a few months after we’d first met and since then he had two other jobs.

Clive was fed up of moving from job to job and with the downturn in the economy he has also had to take a few pay cuts along the way. After watching how his friend (my client) had slowly turned his site into a full-time job making steadily increasing income, he was ready to give it a go. Even he’d noticed more people becoming “interested in websites” – his musician (dj) friends over the past year had “all gone online”.

Its just one example but in general I’ve seen more interest from people – whether bar staff, dj’s & musicians or business owners. There is definitely more interest and intrigue.

The Internet is Still Open!

The Internet is still somewhat untapped. Despite a larger number of people browsing the net, its still a very small percentage of people who have seen the benefits of having an online presence.

People are starting to look at alternative ways to not only make money but also save money. Traditional advertising costs ie. newspapers, television etc. are very high – there is a huge market online – advertising and having a presence online is going to become (and in many cases already has) more beneficial whether you’re real estate company, restaurant owner or musician. Not having a website for your company (or even for yourself) is regardless how big or small – is going to help your competitors. People are realizing this.

With all the doom and gloom of the economy, this could actually benefit a few business sectors – for example, pawn brokers boomed in the last recession – in this digital age it could be web developers and online businesses which benefit more.  If ever there was a time to get your web design / development portfolio into shape – it is now. Be active and be prepared.

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Get Free Unlimited Backlinks

Check out this fantastic new concept in building backlinks and getting traffic to your sites. Its absolutely free and is available only via invites (which I’m giving away here). The site is similar to Squidoo but certainly not the same, it has some very powerful features that will make this a HUGE success. Its set to come out of beta stage within days, the key is to get in early and you’ll benefit a whole lot more!

What are you on about?

I’m talking about a new site called Qassia. It was launched in January 2008 and has been in beta stage since then. The site has over 20,000 users already and is currently in closed beta stage (meaning they are not allowing new sign-ups unless you get an invite).

How is Qassia going to help me?

Promoting a site can be very difficult and time consuming. Site owners are forced to spend hours upon hours doing mundane and unproductive tasks such as exchanging links. Many give up, and splurge on advertising – which is why Google Adwords earns $1 billion per quarter.

Qassia is a tool that allows users to get unlimited backlinks to their sites… but not only that, the more you participate the more promotion your sites get. You’re probably thinking there are tons of other sites like this (social bookmarking / squidoo etc)… and you’re absolutely right – except this site has some powerful features that will make it very popular (in my honest opinion).

What can I do at Qassia?

You can add your websites, and get unlimited quality backlinks. There is no need to pay, or to link back to Qassia. Websites are processed instantly and ranked by the amount of credits you have amassed. To earn credits, you can add “intel” (your knowledge, views etc.)

You can also earn money – real money! Revenue share. But like non-other!!!! You get 100% revenue share… well actually, you’re not even sharing!!!

Did you say 100% Revenue Share?

Yep!. You got it. Unlike other similar sites (Squidoo or Knol for example give like 50% revenue share) – at Qassia you get to keep ALL the revenue that your articles / content generates. You get to keep 100%. So not only do you get quality backlinks but you also earn from within Qassia!

Think about it… you submit your articles / content / views etc… in return you get traffic to your sites (which means more sales or more people click on ads from within your site – either way more revenue)… but on top of all this you also have the chance to earn money (100%) from the actual article/content you submitted at Qassia.  Great huh!

How will Qassia generate traffic?

At Qassia, you will get credit for adding your “intel” (intelligence, knowledge, feedback, views etc etc). The more credit you get, the better your sites will rank. This provides incentive for site owners to contribute to Qassia. Thus harnessing the minds of millions, Qassia will become the largest repository of intelligence on the web.

OK OK… Give me the Invite already!!!

As I’ve mentioned above, you can no longer register on Qassia unless you get an invite – that’s exactly what I’m giving you here. Just click on the link below and you’ll see the “sign-up” button on the page that loads. Click on that, fill in a simple form – and away you go!






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Make a Site in 30minutes + Free Hosting

Many of you are put off from building websites because you don’t want to commit to paying web hosting fees without a guarantee that your site will generate enough money to pay for the hosting. But worry not… I’ve found a great solution… free web hosting – with no adverts or banners from the hosting company. Perfect!

Parking doesn’t pay enough?

I see a lot of people on domain forums looking for ways to monetize their domain names – parking them is one option but unless you have keyword rich domains you’re probably not going to make more than $0.15 per click. Besides getting traffic in the first place to generate those clicks is hard enough considering you can’t even promote your domains once its parked (against most parking companies terms and conditions).

The other option is to develop your domain names into websites…

Make a quick simple website instead

When I say develop your domain into a site – don’t worry, I don’t mean a full blown website… you can build a quick mini-site even a one page website! It doesn’t have to look amazing, just some decent content and you’ll already be better off than parking.

Parking vs Building a Quick Site

Parking a domain name means you can no longer promote it or advertise it anywhere! (except parking with Its against most parking companies terms and conditions to promote a domain name in anyway once it has been parked. So you’re relying on type-in traffic alone.

Now, that’s fine if you’ve got a keyword rich domain like “” because its a search term… people search it and could end up on that domain. But what if you’ve got a domain name like “” – a great brandable domain but no ones going to search for “ultra specs”. So then you’re buggered if you park something like that. You’ll get little to no traffic and probably not a single click.

But if you turn that into a one page website… fill it with loads of content about specs (vision/glasses etc) add some google adsense and/or some affiliate links – submit it to a few search engines and directories… and bam… you’ve traffic and will more likely get some revenue – plus if you decide to sell the domain you can get more because it will have traffic.

Put off by hosting fees? Don’t be… get it FREE!

This is one of the major stumbling blocks for people when it comes to site building. A lot of people are put off by the thought of having to pay like $10 a month for hosting without knowing if the site will generate enough money to even pay for the hosting!

Free Web Hosting with Website Builder

But don’t worry… you don’t need to pay to get hosting! Theres loads of free hosting providers out there – the best one by far is 000webhost – they provide 250MB storage space and 100,000MB bandwidth – AND theres no branding or annoying adverts like most other free providers.

Click the banner below to get yourself a free account…

Another great thing is… it comes with a WEBSITE BUILDER – so its easy to build a quick site.

Build a site in Under 30 minutes

It will take you about 30 Minutes… probably not even half that once you’ve done one or two first and gotten used the process. Don’t be scared… I know it can seem daunting even thinking about building a site – but it really is quite simple.

Free Web Hosting with Website Builder

Here’s the process, maybe if you see this you’ll have a little less fear…

Step 1. Prepare all your tools, download a demo copy of Dreamweaver or a free wysiwyg editor if you don’t have something simiar already. No need to download any website editors, because the free hosting company above gives you all the tools you need to make your site.

Step 2. Find some content for your domain, if the domain name is about “travel” then do a search in google, use some info from WikiPedia, find some free pictures on somewhere like

Step 3. Copy all the content you find into one document (maybe into word or dreamweaver etc. – you’re going to do this so you have everything in one place. Use this content to write your own content. Don’t copy it, write it in your own words where you can and if you do copy something, make sure you include a list of sources at the end of the content. – This step will probably take you the most time, but the more unique the content you produce the more chance of getting better traffic from search engines.

Step 4. Add some google adsense codes into the page, maybe a few affiliate links

Step 5. And thats it really, just save everything in the site builder and visit your url… there you have it… a quick one page website… go and promote it.. do some link exchanges with friends or on forums… submit it to some free web directories and you’ll see traffic soon enough.

Simple or what!

Well, I’ve laid out the basic steps – just so you see how simple it is… if its your first time, then it might take a little more than 30 minutes, but after the first and maybe 2nd site you build… you’ll be able to do it in under 30 minutes with no problems at all.

I know this is a really simple outline… I know you want more… so next time I’ll write about where to get free content, list free article directories, how to link exchanges and site submissions etc… but for now, just get used to your new FREE hosting account and make a site just to get used to all the “site builder” features at the free host.

Let me know what you think!

Feel free to ask questions… maybe make some of your own suggestions… use the comment box below.

Free Web Hosting with Website Builder

Domaining Promotion & SEO

Should PageRank matter to domainers?

There was a time when webmasters & domainers were going crazy about PageRank. Everyone was trying to get a high PR ranking for their sites n pages by doing all sorts of ‘SEO and promotion. Only a few months later and PageRank isn’t as sought-after as it once was. Some people believe its useless – but they shouldn’t knock it.

A bit about PageRank

PageRank (PR) is a Google tool that measures the important of a web page. It uses a number of criteria such as quality of page content, ‘keywords, ‘backlinks, value of incoming links – so on and so forth… In the past having a higher PR meant getting better search engine rankings, thus more traffic. However, this isn’t entirely the case any more.

How people angered the big “G”

You see, people started to abuse the PR system (plus I don’t think it was that accurate anyway), there were ways in which to “trick” Google into getting a higher PR. Well, it didn’t take the big G (thats Google by the way) long to catch on and change its tactics.

Google fights back

Quite recently a lot of people noticed big changes in their PageRank’s for websites. Some went up, others went down. This was because Google made the changes.

Google has changed the way it measures the importance of a page and also how PR is shown to the public.

Domainers overlook PageRank!

Since all this has happened a lot of domainers have started to overlook the PageRank value when it comes to buying / selling domain names. In the past a buyer would pay a lot more if a domain name had PR value, even a PR1 to PR3 value was advertised as one of the main selling points.

I’ve noticed this is no longer the case. Don’t me wrong many people still pay more for a higher PR domain name but its not a major buying/selling point, especially if the domain in question has no keyword value.

A high PR domain in the past meant it most likely had good traffic. This was the first thing that increased the value of a domain name. You could buy a high PR domain, have instant traffic and get good search placement despite having a complete new site/content.

So whats changed?

It doesn’t take google long to work out if a domain has changed hands… plus if the content changes or in most cases of domain trading – there is NO content (eg. a picked up expired domain)… then the usefulness of PR is no longer of much value.

Most PR domains are picked up from expired domains lists – but the problem is, while that domain was in the expiring/delete cycle (for about 40 days plus!) it lost a lot of value in Googles eyes.  During the delete cycle the domain no longer points to any sites/content- when Google sends its spiders to look at the site – it finds nothing and so it reduces in PR value. Over 40 days it loses a lot of value. All this casuses the PageRank to go down by the time the next update for PR comes around (PR updates happen around every 3 months apparently).

The traffic will slowly die down once Google starts to de-index the pages. And eventually it will loose all the back-links… unless the new owner developers a similar site with decent content again.

I thought you said “PR still matters”

Yes, I did… don’t worry I’m coming to that.

PageRank still matters, especially when the domain is being sold (or targetted) to end-users. It matters more for endusers than it does for resellers. So as a seller, having a good PR domain will still help you get a better sale.

Tell me how!!!

Buyers (endusers) know that if a domain name had PR then it means it was indexed by Google. This saves them time in comparison to trying to get a brand new no PR domain indexed. Provided the buyer already has plans for the domain, he would fill it with content and Google will give the site good traffic again.

Another point is to do with text-links. If the buyer was to sell text links on the site then he/she could deman a slightly higher price for those links based on the PR. And thats becuase for many non-domains/developers – PR still matters. The average person who buys advertising (such as text links) still sees value in PR.

So… there you have it!

Don’t quote me on any of this… I could be a bit off in terms of the technical workings of PR etc. But this is just to give a basic idea and thoughts based what I observed in the domianing industry.

Do tell me what you think… leave a comment below!


Domains For Sale Sites for Sale

Sale: Affilate Site (CMS) + MySpace

I made this site almost a year ago, the intention was to use it to release coupons and special offers via the site. The web site is made using Joomla Content Management System. It has everything in place and is ready to go. I’ve done very little to none in terms of promotion. The site has been neglected and needs a new owner ASAP!

This is what’s including in this sale:

  • Fully developed website
  • Content Management System (easily add, edit content via secure admin panel)
  • Integrated Adsense & Affiliate Banner Modules (just add your own ID’s)
  • Domain name (
  • All content including logo’s and images (PSD files)
  • Fully customised myspace profile (used for promoting the site)
  • Free hosting for 1 year.
  • Create up to 50 email address
  • Create up to 50 sub directories
  • Park up to 10 Domains

The website is built to be used as an affiliate marketing tool. You can easily promote affiliate products. Alternatively you can also use the site as a blog. The choice is yours.

Having a CMS means you can easily add pages/content to the site via a secure admin panel. You can also control advertising by copy and pasting links/images to the built-in banner modules. There is also a Google Adsense module allowing you to easily display adsense throughout the site – easily change how the ads look by adjusting values in the module. So can control how and where the ads appear by just editting value in the module.

The site is now for sale at a BUY IT NOW price of just $275.

Alternatively you can make me an offer – I will sell the domain to the person who makes me the highest offer closest to the Buy It Now price.

‘Contact me – to make an offer.


Promotion & SEO

Web Directories – Are they useful?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me whether I think its worth submitting websites to ‘web directories’… “will I get traffic by submitting my site to a directory?”. The answer isn’t as straight forward as it used to be.

When I first started out on the net, developing websites… waaay back in 1998; I was advised by experienced webmasters that I could get good traffic by submitting my sites to web directories. There are free directories and also paid ones, but I was advised to go with the free ones to start off with.

Back then, I got what I considered to be decent traffic. But things have changed now. There are now millions of web directories all over the net – the free directories no longer give you as much traffic. People use them less to find sites and more to submit their own sites.

But, saying that… I wouldn’t say its a waste of time submitting your site to free directories. Far from it. There are still a lot of benefits to getting your web site into free directories.

The idea is to get your site listed in as many directories as possible – but just make sure these directories are related to your sites content. There’s no point in listing your Travel related site in a photographers directory! In fact you’ll most likely get banned from that directory anyway.

Here are some advantages of submitting your site to directories:

1. For Permanent Listings / Backlinks: Many webmasters and SEO specialists consider that older links are of huge importance to search engines and they supplement not only the ranking value of your domain, but also amplify the resale price.

2. Anchor Text: If you can use the right anchor text in your directory listing then it will help you rank higher in search engines for those important keywords.

3. Screenshots: A lot of web site directories now offer automatic screen-shots for your web site. This makes it visually pleasing and can get you visitors who click onto the screen-shot.

4. Deep Links: They are extremely helpful. Web sites with deep links are likely to perform much better than those that don’t any!

5. Direct Traffic: You might not huge traffic directly from the directory you submit to, but you will get some. More importantly, you will get traffic from better search engine placements – which directory lists can help improve.

Disadvantages of submitting your site to directories:

1. Time Consuming: This is probably the only disadvantage to listing sites to directories. It can take a lot of time – UNLESS – you have the right tools. Check ‘directory tools’ for more info.

Some useful tips:

Avoid using services that promise bulk submissions to directories. It is very difficult to check the quality of such directories, your site could end up in directories that have no relevance to your sites contents. This will add no advantage to your site and would be a waste of time.

Remember that directory submissions are a long-term SEO strategy and not a link strategy. Hence, do not expect extreme inbound traffic from your directory submissions, but instead have patience.

Domaining Promotion & SEO

Find out whos linking to your site

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before – backlinks are great for your site. Having quality backlinks to your site helps in getting better search engine rankings and that means more traffic! So, you’ve exchanged links with similar sites, submitted your sites to ‘web directories’ – now how do you check how many backlinks you’ve accumalated?

Well, there’s a few simple to use tools to help you find just that.

Below you’ll find the tools used to find who’s linking back to your site – but keep in mind they may not be 100% accurate.….

Using Google:

See how many ‘backlinks’ your site has using Google, follow these simple instructions…

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. In the search box type in:





Using Yahoo:

Google doesn’t always give you all the existing backlinks, not always up-to-date… it gives some but doesn’t always show them all. A lot of people also use Yahoo! as well as Google to find more accurate numbers.

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. In the search box type in:



You can also use some free website tools to find more information – use all the information you find, look at the numbers and they’ll help give you a more than rough idea of how many backlinks your site has.

Other Tools:

URL Trends
This website/tool is more than just a backlink checker, you’ll find tons of other information on there too.

iWebTools Backlink Checker
This is a fantastic website, worth bookmarking if you’re a webmaster or designer. It has this backlink checker tool plus a whole load of other tools which can be very useful for SEO and other research involved in development or even domaining.

BackLink Finder
This a very basic tool, shows you roughly how many backlinks your site has.

Let me know what you think!

That’s yer lot for now. As always I would appreciate some feedback and comments. If you know of other tools or tricks related to backlinks, feel free to leave me a comment below – if I add your suggestions I will of course credit you.


Promotion & SEO

Does Google like your site?

Find out what Google thinks of your website. Learn why its important for Google to like your site. In this article I show you how to check your ‘backlinks’, ‘indexed pages’, ‘page rank’ and even what Google has of your site in its ‘Cache’!

What Google thinks of your site really does matter if you want to succeed online. This is because Google, with over 60% of the U.S. search engine market; has become the most dominant ‘search engine’ online. How your site ranks within this (and other) search engines can have a huge impact on how much ‘traffic’ your site gets.

If you’re a ‘webmaster’ (web designer), you probably already know how vital Google is to the success of your site, especially if you rely upon organic keyword rankings for your traffic. This free organic traffic from Google is highly desired by webmasters because it is extremely targeted and delivers high conversion rates.

More traffic usually means more ‘leads’ and more leads equals more sales.

Even if you’re not selling a product, but rely on any kind of revenue generating through your site, be it from ‘Google Adsense’ or affiliate links or something else – traffic matters! The more visitors you get, the higher the chances of these visitors clicking on paid adverts (such as Adsense) and the more clicks you get, the more money you make!

In fact, even if you’re site is non-profit based, you would still want more people coming to it so that they can see your message or whatever it is that you have on your site.


If you’re NOT interested in getting more traffic or having people see your site – then you might want to ask yourself  WHY you’ve made a web site in the first place! If you don’t want to share – then maybe its best to keep your content on your own computer rather than releasing it online!


As a webmaster myself, I’m always trying to get the highest rankings possible. Its important for me (same applies for most webmasters) to be aware of how Google views my site. It can be a headache trying to understand Google – but if you get the basics then eventually the rest will fall into place.

The more knowledge you gain about Google in terms of how its viewing your site, the better you will be equiped to tackle any obstacles and challenges that come your way. Getting a good ranking in Google would also mean you get good rankings on other search engines too. Not the same rankings, but similar.

How Google shows its love & hate through SERPs

Some webmasters would argue with this statement, but I think the best way to judge Google’s love for your site is via the SERPs (search engine results pages)! If your site/pages are ranked in the first page then it means Google likes your site – it thinks its important for the keywords that were used in that search.

However, the tricky part is – what keywords are you using to search with? Would they be the same keywords used by millions of other regular people?

Anyway, there are other ways to find out how Google is viewing your website/content. The webmaster tools below will give you a better picture of what the big Goog thinks about your site.

Check your content & Keywords

Googles Keyword Tool – used by advertisers who use Adwords, can also be used to find out what Google thinks of your pages. It gives you a rough idea of what Google thinks your pages are about by displaying the keywords it picks up.

Googles Keyword Analysis Tool – Click here

  • Type in your URL you want to check
  • Tick off website content

You will then get a listing of the major keywords Google has for your content for that particular url. If your targeted keyword or keywords are not listed, then you’re doing something wrong – it means you’ll have some re-writing to do on that particular page in order to ensure the main keywords are picked up.

Check Your Backlinks in Google

If you want to see how many ‘backlinks’ your site has in then just follow these simple instructions…

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. In the search box type in:



This will show you the number of backlinks to your website in Google.

Check Your Backlinks in Yahoo!

Google doesn’t always give you all the existing backlinks – it gives some, but doesn’t always show all. Many webmasters use Yahoo! as well as Google to find more accurate numbers. Just follow these simple steps…

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. In the search box type in:



This will show you the number of backlinks to your website in Yahoo.

Check Your PageRank in Google

‘PageRank’, also known as PR was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is supposed to be the heart of Google’s ranking system; each link is considered a “vote” for your page and the higher the number of “votes” you have, the higher the PR your page receives.

PageRank Tool – Click here

  • Type in your URL you want to check
  • Press enter! Simple.

‘PageRank’ is a bit of sticky issue. Google uses “smoke and mirrors” to conceal your true PageRank in order to cut out abuse and manipulation of their results. However, many experts still believe that the PageRank still counts – whereas some say it doesn’t.

Check how your site in Googles Cache

Using Googles cache, you can find out when your site was last retrieved (if ever). I’m not sure how important this will prove, but its a nifty little thing to try…

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. In the search box type in:



Thats all for now…

So there you have it, a nice little run down of how to find out if Google likes your site or not. Hope you find these tools helpful – but try not to get too obsessed with the PageRank tool. Although it helps to have a high PageRank, it doesn’t necesarrily mean it will bring you traffic.

The most important thing is the keywords and how you rank in the SERPs.

Make sure you check out the related contents below – you’ll find some more info and more detailed tips on how to make use of these tools, as well as how to improve your websites rankings in Google.

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