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What are “SERPs”?

SERPs is short for “Search Engine Result Pages”. These are the pages that appear with listings when searching for something on the Internet.

If someone goes to a ‘search engine’ (lets say for example) and he/she searches for “domain names” – he/she will be shown a number of results based on that search term. That particular search would probably return millions of results – but the search engine would display them 10 results per page with the most relevant (best matched) results first.

The web site that shows up on as the first result for the search “domain names” can be said to have the “#1 SERP for the ‘keywords’ domain names“.

Better SERP placements means more traffic from search engines. To ensure better SERP’s for your website and keywords – you would need to have good ‘SEO’ (‘search engine optimization’) done to your site.

Better SEO = Better SERP placements = MORE TRAFFIC!

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